Liquid Vitamins

Liquid Vitamins Whats the Big Deal

Well First this is the best liquid nutritional supplement I have found so far. I take it every day and it is the best daily vitamin supplement. Yes that is my opinion and I am sticking with it. So you are buying cheap store brand vitamin supplements and taking cheap store brand daily vitamins. Did you know that you are flushing almost 3/4's and up down the toilet. Yes Down The Toilet... Why? because they do not absorb completely in your system.

Many companies today will argue that there cheap vitamins are just as good as liquid vitamins. I beg to differ. From experience I have noticed I get better results and feel better on the a daily liquid nutritional supplement than on a cheap daily pill. Also to hours after taking my daily liquid nutritional supplement I dont have that nasty after taste burp one gets with those pills. Why does that happen? Because those cheap pills take forever to digest, and sit in your stomach. Wasting away like last nights meatloaf.

I had someone say wow the liquid nutrition you are promoting is not cheap. Well yes you are correct. However the liquid nutrition I am promoting has 77 plant derived minerals, 13 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 12 herb and 7 other nutrients incorporated into this great-tasting product. Now most people buy atleast (i have seen it) 6 or 7 different vitamins. They were paying over 6 bucks a piece, and one cost them 12 bucks. Here comes the math. 7 times 6 is 42. That is 42 dollars. Now that is 42 dollars one pays to have 3/4 of that money wasted. Why? because the absorbency factor. Daily vitamins, and daily supplements in pill form do not absorb, so you are again flushing 42 dollars down the drain.

So what is the final thought about my liquid nutrition, if you are thinking about a liquid nutritional supplement. The product I am promoting is indeed more than a 7 dollar bottle vitamins. However my Liquid Nutritonal supplement absorbs into the body, makes you feel better all day, does not get flushed down the toilet, and does not leave a nasty after taste for hours to come.

To read more about my liquid nutritional supplement go to the website I made for this product.