Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Just watched a documentary on Netflix. The movie is called "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead." Filmed by Joe Cross.

Now I normally dont watch many documentaries. I guess the only reason I watched this one is the title and the description. It sparked my interest and I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did watch the movie. It is a very inspiring movie, and I enjoyed it.

The movie follows Joe Cross a man from Australia who suffers from a autoimmune disorder, he breaks out in rashes and hives and has to take steroids. He started out weighing over 300 pounds mostly because of his poor choice of foods, and lack of exercise.

He decided to take a journey across the U.S. and go on a 60 day fast. During his fast he had only real fruit and veggie juice he made himself in a juicer. Along his journey he meets another guy who suffers from the same thing. Phil a truck driver weighing over 400 pounds decides to fast as well. Between the two they lose over 400 pounds if not more. The two of them do this from fasting, cleansing their bodies, and taking back control of thier lives.

While doing this documentary they interview many people across the US. I was amaized at how many people just dont care what they put in their bodies. I am amaized at how many even after the Dr's warn them they just dont get it.

This is not a heart wrenching story, it is motivating and really says if these two guys can change their lives any one can. Whether I feel this movie is correct or not in promoting a long term fast I can say it is worth a watch.

How do we humans, let food control our lives. Not drugs, not alcohol, but food, millions are sick, over weight, on their death beds because of bad food choices.

"Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" a must watch for those lacking in motivation and self control.

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