Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beware of new diet Scam.

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***UPDATE*** 10/6/2012 Though this was written in 2009 this topic is still something to be aware of. I am sure that the diet scam I was referring to has changed, and evolved to be less conspicuous. Even still a scam and buyer beware. ******

I am all about health and fitness and finding new products to assist our busy hectic lives. But when I come across a scam I need to rant and rave about it.

The Ad I found on a popular list founded by criag was lose weight and feel great. Now many of you know that to be true. The enticing part of this was "we pay 1200 dollars for you to participate in our 30 day study."

Now who is not game for 1200 bucks to participate in a 30 day study and lose weight. The study was for a diet pill that just came out on the market. They only accept the first 100 people.

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So now I am curious to what the pill is and what the study entailed so I responded to the ad.

This is the email reply I recieved.


Thank you for your interest, you are indeed one of the first 100 people to contact me, so you could certainly reserve the spot.

As stated in the CraigsList AD, we need 100 participates that are willing to take a popular diet pill on a daily basis for thirty days. Everyday we will be recording any differences, and finish the study at the 30th day. If you don't want your name used publicly in the study, then please say so.
At the same time, we will compensate you $1200 for your participation. This will be paid in check, on the last day.

We will meet a total of four times, and the times will depend on your availability time. Meeting places will be at a local gym of your choice.

This weight loss product has seen and promoted on many T.V stations. We were lucky enough to have them offer a free trial for us.

If you plan to participate then the following needs to be done:

1) You must fill out the following short form and receive your diet pills. FORM . Please be patient while the page loads. Depending on your location, there may be a slight S&H fee. If you are selected for the study, this charge will be reimbursed.
2) After you submitted your order for the free trial, please email us back with your name, confirmation number, phone number and your address. You will then wait to receive the free trial.
3) Once you have received the free trial, and you’re one of the first, we will then contact you and set up a meeting with you.


1) Must be above 100 pounds

2) Must be motivated to lose weight

3) Must not be taking more than 6 medication at the same time

* Spots are filling up quickly, so to reserve your spot, get your trial ASAP. We are literally being contacted by a dozen people each hour. You must be the first 100 people to receive your free trial to be eligible for the study. If you are not, then we will not be able to have you participate.

Please do not call the diet company asking any questions regarding this weight study, because their employee personnel will not know of this study. We are simply testing their products on free will.


Christina Sana
Diet Search, Inc"

There is link in the letter that pointed to Acai Berry product for a free trial that I had to buy. Then with this product you are automatically signed up for auto ship. Also the reply letter says if you are selected for this study. That is a red flag right there.

If the study was real the participant would not have to buy the product. And definately would not be on a autoshipped program that is paid through your bank card automatically every month.

Well I am flagging this as a scam. Not the product but the Diet Search Inc. Do not fall for such program scams. After reading the email getting no reply back from such company through there email. And being told not to contact the product company. This in my book is a scam.

If you are the company that is holding this "Study" and want to dispute this argument be my guest. If you are reading this and thought about doing this, in my advice "dont"

To your Health
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Evita said...

Excellent analysis! There are so many of these scams out there today and you pinpointed the red flags in this very well.

Not only does one lose money here, but let's pretend that it was real, why are we willing to put a pill into our bodies that is probably not tested in any way or one that we probably know nothing about. The risks here seem to be huge either way.

I challenge anyone who wants to lose weight to go vagan for a month and watch the weight come off. And all it takes is motivation and the cost of your own natural and safe groceries :)

jinsoup said...

Thanks for the awareness,
Same info to me except at the end is for even more concern

"Please do not call the diet company asking any questions regarding this weight study, because their employee personnel will not know of this study. We are simply testing their products on free will.


Christina Sana
Diet Search, Inc"

The "Form" link instantly directed me to an ACAI-X ad page.
Can't afford to mess up my body now, got a race coming up too!!