Friday, May 15, 2009

Early morning exercise programs.

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Have you ever been channel surfing, in the a.m. on the tube, and came across the 80s style morning aerobics? And maybe you wondered why are they on this early? Maybe asked who actually watches these things, better yet participates in them?

The answer is, there are actual people who benefit from those. There are people who get up early in the morning before work and exercise along with the program. There are people who are getting in shape, and people who are in shape because of these shows.

My all time favorite we all like to laugh at is dancing to the oldies by Richard Simmons. But as annoying as we may think he is, he has helped many men and women. So I must applaud him for that. But todays dancing to the oldies have matured and grown. There are now so many hip and stylish workout programs we can benefit from.

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The question is how can these programs help you? You get up in the morning get the kids ready for school, get yourself ready for work, and so does your significant other. You rush everyone out the door and you are off to start your day. Now your morning is done and your day has started. Around about 10ish you maybe tired sluggish just not ready for the next half. A large cup of mojo and you think you are ready. By 3o'clock you are yawning tired and dreading the ride back home.

Start over-

You get up early in the morning about 30 minutes before everyone else. You pop in a exercise tape and for 30 minutes you dance to the 2000's, so to speak. You shower, get the kids ready, you are out the door and off to start the day. About 10ish you are wide awake feeling great full of energy and ready for the rest of the day. 3 weeks later you notice you are getting firm, toned, cut, and losing weight. Wow who would have thought. All that from 30 minutes in the morning before everyone gets up.

You dont have to dance to the oldies, you can do some yoga. Maybe some pilates, taebo, kaibae, beach body dance any number of videos, ie Denise Austin videos• Kathy Smith videos• Gilad videos• Stability ball videos• Aerobics videos• Kickboxing videos• Bellydance videos• Step aerobics videos• Ballet videos• Bootcamp videos etc etc.

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